View Full Version : Fishbone is all whacked!

2007-10-04, 08:14
I just downloaded and installed SlimServer on a new machine. I selected Fishbone for the Interface. However, it is all whacked. Instead of being black it is all white with lettering and formatting all out of alignment. How do I get this to display Fishbone correct?

2007-10-04, 08:22
Refresh your browser cache, reload the page a few times quickly, or
hold the right shift key while clicking the reload button.


2007-10-04, 08:25
Did you try holding down the "shift" key (on your keyboard) and refreshing the browser?
Do you have Stylesheets turned off in your browser?

What browser are you using?


2007-10-04, 08:31
IE7. Never had any problems with it before and no different settings than out of the box. Holding the SHIFT key while refreshing does nothing.

2007-10-04, 08:34
Do you have another browser installed to test if it looks ok in another browser?


2007-10-04, 08:38
yeah... just tried that. It worked fine on FF. So, I emptied the cache and refreshed again in IE and all is well now there as well.

thanks for the help

2007-10-04, 11:43
try holding the ctrl key instead, and refresh.