View Full Version : Bit Rate and Router from an SB Newbie

2007-10-03, 16:30
Just put my Squeezebox in my system tonight and I am streaming it through my Linksys G Broadband router. I have the SB going through a Benchmark DAC1 as well.

Now I am running Flac files (EAC) and it is playing them fine and they sound awesome but when I ran the server test it said my bitrate was 100. What's going on with that?

Mark Lanctot
2007-10-03, 17:13
Could you reword that? It doesn't make sense.

The server test should list two numbers, a percentage at a bitrate. So you most likely saw 100% at [bitrate]. You should have 100% at 1500 kbps to stream FLAC successfully. I believe you press one of the cursor keys to change the bitrate.

This isn't the best test, the better test is in Help - Server & Network Health - Performance Monitoring - Player Statistics.