View Full Version : Flickr Bug

2007-10-03, 09:43
I have the Flickr Screensaver set up as my 'When stopped' screensaver. The problem occurs if I pause playback, wait till Flickr kicks in then try to unpause it nothing happens. I have to back out of Flickr to resume playback.


Mark Lanctot
2007-10-03, 11:15
Hmm, I am locked in a vicious cycle with the Flickr screensaver right now.

When I start up JHB, the Flickr screensaver comes on right away. I do see my menus for a while, and I have sluggish scroll control, but the screensaver slowly comes up and locks the device. When I restart, it's the same cycle.

However if I leave the JHB and let it turn off the screen, when I come back it's working as expected.

Firmware r622.

2007-10-03, 12:28
Try starting your player some other way, then the saver won't kick in if it's the 'when stopped' saver.
You could try increasing the delay too.


2007-10-04, 07:16
I just ran into the same problem, Restarted Jive and it went straight into flickr saver and I couldn't get it out. So I started my TP playing and restarted Jive and it went into now playing but was ok.
Maybe there needs to be an additional delay after startup before screensavers can kick in?

The issue still stands with playback controls not working with Flickr, I tried it with the analogue clock and it's ok.