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2007-10-02, 20:01
I know I will proabably get in trouble for the double post but I got no answer in the Vista thread so I am going to the genral. Basically my problem is since migrating to Vista, the music when connected to SLimservers is hashed and constantly cuts and by cutting I mean a cut every half to one second.

I have tried turning off the firewall. virus software, windows sidebar, openning ports. If you have any suggestions please fell free. I have no problem on squeeznetwork. I have doen the networks test and have no bandwith issue.

original post...
I run Vista Premium. My problem is playback. Any song whether it plays on my squeezebox or softsqueeze jitters. The music keeps on cutting. I have no problem on squeezenetwork. The squeezebox is wired to a linksys router so wireless is not an issue. The PC has plenty of capacity, 3 gigs of RAM. No other process susceptible of taking resource is running. I have gone in the firewall and granted access to ports, slimserver, scanner.

If I use the exact same setup but use an old Emachine underpowered as a source, I get no problem at all (in runs on XP)

I have the lastest slimserver version, it was doing the same older versions

Any thoughts ?