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2004-01-18, 14:36

setup is thus :

Cable modem connected to WAN port of Speedstream SS2624 (4 port
router/wireless access point)
Windows XP Pro, DELL Dimension 2350 with Broadcom network chipset,
running SlimServer connected to LAN port 1 of SS2624
Squeezebox connected either wirelessly to SS2624 or by ethernet cable
to SS2624 LAN port 2

In this setup, the Squeeze works great on wired network. Very bad on

Same as above, but also add (borrowed) Linksys WAP11 onto SS2624 LAN
port 3. I now have two wireless
networks, the Squeeze finds them both (different SSIDs) and I can
select either. Via the LinkSys
network, Squeeze seems to work well.

Obviously, this would point to some strange behaviour of the 802.11 in
the Speedstream box ?
But perhaps I've missed something ?



On Sunday, January 18, 2004, at 09:25 AM,
discuss-request (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com wrote:

> From: dean blackketter <dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>
> Can you describe in detail your wireless setup?
> On Jan 17, 2004, at 7:15 PM, Paul wrote:
>> Paul Cracknell wrote :
>>> Also, I am struggling to get WAV playback to work over wireless. It
>>> works just fine
>>> on a wired link, but when operating on wireless the Squeezebox plays
>>> about 1-2 seconds,
>>> goes silent for 1 second, then another 1-2 seconds of music. Signal
>>> strength around 40%.
>> >I'm not really sure what could be up there. Even with only 40% you
>> should get
>> >ONE good stream. There was a firmware upgrade in the last few days
>> that would
>> >have some with that nightly build. Have you upgraded yet? press
>> and hold
>> >brightness and wait until it says the upload has begun.
>> >
>> >cheers,
>> >kdf
>> I tried two things :
>> 1) updated the firmware; no change in performance.
>> 2) moved the wireless basestation/router to within 6 ft of the
>> Squeeze. Signal strength
>> was now 92%. The exact same symptoms were evident. Again, wired
>> link works very
>> well; wireless works on MP3/AAC. Wireless fails on WAVs.
>> Any further suggestions ?