View Full Version : minor no artwork default image issue

2007-10-02, 12:37
i notice that when a CD doesn't have artwork, SS puts a ? mark image in its place, and thats fine.

however, i set my albums to display at 140 pixels, and the question mark images don't seem to fully conform to the new size.

(i'm in fishbone)

as a result, the buttons under the ? mark image and the CD info are slightly pushed below the other ones in the row.

anyone else having this issue? is it worth filing a bug on if SS is dead till SS7?

2007-10-03, 10:13
is anyone able to duplicate the issue???

2007-10-13, 22:11
can someone at least say if i should file this as a bug or not?

2007-10-14, 14:00
Default cover art has been reworked considerably in SC7 and, hopefully, will be much improved. IMO, not worth filing a bug in 6.x unless you want to provide the patch yourself.


2007-10-14, 14:03
good enough... although, my feeling was it was more an issue of the ? mark file SS uses, rather than how SS manipulated it.

but i could be totally wrong.

i just found it to be an odd issue.

looking forward to 7.0, hope it sees the light of day this year.