View Full Version : polls are evil

2007-10-01, 22:55
I generally read the forums using email. So the polls that show up occasionally didn't make much sense to me.

I decided to check out the web-forum to see what "What buttons do you think would be a useful addition to the Jive remote?" was all about.

Now that I've seen the web interface, I dislike polls even more. I "voted" for "other" because that was all I could do.

I really don't want either repeat or shuffle has hard buttons, I never repeat or shuffle. I listen to albums, not songs.

What I really wanted to vote "for" was "none of the above" but that isn't an option.

And I'd really like to discuss why a "mute" button is bad. IMHO, having two buttons to do one thing is bad UI design. If you want to stop the music, you can "pause" it. Perhaps it would be better if pause was "stop" or "mute" I could be talked into them, maybe, but I sure don't want to add more hard buttons to the remote.

2007-10-01, 23:07
Sorry first time I'd created a poll. I obviously didn't give the options enough thought.

"None of the above would" have been a useful & valid option. Thinking about it, I suppose Mute is a duplicate of Pause in a way. Mute is only really relevant to TV or perhaps live radio streams, that cannot be paused.