View Full Version : Browse entire filesystem (not just audio files)

2007-10-01, 17:02
Is this possible?

I would very much like to be able to click a link on an album and be taken to a listing of all of the files, which then let me view/download any of the files therein. That way, I can more easily look at any other album art I have for the album (especially the back of the tray inlay).

Does this exist in slimserver or in any of the third party plugins. I'd even be happy to have a preference for a base URL that slimserver can intelligently append to:


baseurl = http://myhost.com/auth/music/
urltemplate = http://myhost.com/auth/music/%ARTIST/%ALBUM/

But I'd like to avoid hacking the code myself any more than I already have, so I'd love to hear that this already exists.

Anyone know?

2007-10-02, 01:52
I haven't heard of or seen any plugins that do this, and there certainally isn't a way to do it in SS itself.

2007-10-05, 16:27
Thanks for the response. Time for me to write a plugin or an ugly patch. :)

2007-10-07, 13:14
I have long wanted this ability. I think we should be able to turn on visibility for certain types of files when we Browse Music Folder, or simply see all files, and deal with them as the browser normally would, so that info txt files or pdf of liner notes or supplemental artwork jpegs not named cover.jpg could be viewed from within the browser.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer, yet it seems like it might be pretty easy for someone who is.

Maybe I even filed a formal enhancement request? Can't find it.