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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2004-01-17, 16:02

It's a piece of cake with 5.0.1. Simply edit the convert.conf file (usually
in /usr/local/slimserver -the base install dir).

Ensure the following lines are in the convert.conf

mp3 mp3 http *
$lame$ --silent --mp3input -b 128 -q 9 $FILE$ -

This will ensure all http streams are transcoded to 128Kbs (obviously change
this to whatever you want).

If you want to have different WAN http streaming to LAN http streaming, then
the easiest way is to put a proxy server between your WAN connection and the

For example, I have an externally accessible URL of
http://streaming.stevesdomains.com, this proxies requests to
http://slimserver:9000, hence http://streaming.stevesdomains.com/stream.mp3
is my WAN streaming.

The slimserver makes the distiction again by the convert.conf. Copy the
first example and change the * at the end to the servername or IP address of
the proxy server, hence:

mp3 mp3 http proxyserver
$lame$ --silent --mp3input -b 128 -q 9 $FILE$ -

I'm using apache to proxy, you'll need mod_proxy installed and the following
lines in your httpd.conf

ProxyRequests On
ProxyPass / http://slimserver:9000/
ProxyPassReverse / http://slimserver:9000/

Where slimserver is your slimserver IP address or host name.



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I found a helpful message (see below) in the archives
regarding how to set up slimserver to deliver lower bandwidth
stream to remote WAN clients.

My first question is: what is the name of the file and where is
the file that needs to be edited? I am running OSX 10.3,
slimserver 5.0.1. Slim files on the computer seem
concentrated in a folder found here: bradmoody/Library/
PreferencePanes/slimserver.prefPane/Contents/server/. I
can't find anything called convert.conf anywhere in these files.

Second question: I installed LAME for I-Tunes by following the
install instructions. Do I need to relocate any files in order for
the slimserver to find LAME?

Third question: Are these instructions still good or have there
been new versions of the slimserver software that require new


James Lynch III wrote:
> Could someone summarize the configuration changes to
Slimserver and
> LAME required to deliver a lower-bandwidth stream to
WAN-based remote
> clients while maintaining highest quality on the LAN?
Thanks. I'm
> running SS 5.1 on OSX 10.3.1.

Yep, I'll give it a try...

Edit convert.comf (in your slimserver top level directory -

Find a line which says 'mp3 mp3 http *' (around line 64)
Comment out with a leading # the next line which has a
single '-'
Un-comment the next line which says '$lame$ --silent ...'
After the '-b 96' in that line, add a -B 128
(128 or whatever maximum bitrate you want)

Save the file, stop and restart the slimserver. As long as the
executable is on the path, you're in business.

Craig Brannan
2004-01-18, 07:00
On Jan 17, 2004, at 6:02 PM, Steve Pawsey-Bowerman wrote:

> It's a piece of cake with 5.0.1. Simply edit the convert.conf file
> (usually
> in /usr/local/slimserver -the base install dir).

Thats not the default install location under OS X...

The convert.conf file should be part of the prefpane bundle in OS X.

I would suggest installing a newer version of the server anyway... but
maybe not the very latest due to posts about transcoding problems.

I had best success on OS X with the Jan 8 build (haven't tried any
after that - but had problems with the ones before this date).

The iTunes-Lame software will get used from it's default install
location - so there's nothing to worry 'bout there.