View Full Version : SS7 and fast-forward/rewind

2007-09-30, 18:44
I have just installed 7 and I am unable to properly fast forward or rewind. I normally use the Fishbone interface and can move further into or back in a track by clicking on the progressive bar. Not working now...any thoughts?

2007-09-30, 19:03
On 30-Sep-07, at 6:44 PM, miguelk wrote:
> Not
> working now...any thoughts?

It should be as long as you are playing native files.
The hotspot is a little tighter, aim for the top edge of the progress
bar. They do
overlap, but the reaction seems more reliable there. IE was
sometimes adding empty
space under the progress bar so the spacing needed tightening up.


2007-10-01, 06:25
I've now noticed that this problem happens with Flac but not with MP3. Any thoughts on why that might be?

2007-10-01, 07:09
What SB version do you use?
Is flac transcoded to some other format on the server (server settings)?
Do you have bitrate limiting enabled for the player (player settings)?


2007-10-01, 09:07
I use SB3...don't have bitrate limited.

2007-10-01, 09:15
Do you have Flac - Flac set to Native in SqueezeCentre Settings - File Types?