View Full Version : Softsqueeze fails to connect to Slimserver after installing latest versions

2007-09-30, 17:36
I upgraded my OS from OS X 10.3.9 to 10.4.10 and reinstalled Slimserver with the latest version (before I had 6.4) and the latest version of Softsqueeze too. I decided to try Squeezebox first to see if all was OK and then try using my SB3 but Softsqueeze player shows the message: "Connection failed. Check server settings."
I have checked everything and all seems normal. I would like to know how to fix this and if I will have the same problem when I try to use my SB3 again after the upgrading.

2007-10-01, 00:20
It would not surprise me if the IP address of the computer has changed, and SoftSqueeze is not picking it up.

Also, I think I once ran into an issue where SS was trying to connect to the computer by name and for some reason used an abbreviation of the full name and so could not find it.

Check both these points.

2007-10-01, 02:16
I did notice that the computer name appears abbreviated. Will try changing the computer name in the SS settings.

2007-10-01, 02:34
I changed my computer name in the Sharing folder of Preferences in the computer and did the same in the Networking Preference in the SS. But it still can't connect to Slimserver. What else can I do?

2007-10-01, 08:23
OR do I have to uninstall Slimserver and start it all over again?

2007-10-01, 11:07
Assuming SoftSqueeze is on the same computer as SlimServer, just set the computer name in SoftSqueeze to


That should work.

You should also double-check that the entries are the same (localhost or computer name) in the Networking and Basic tabs of SoftSsqueeze preferences.