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2007-09-30, 17:00
for various reasons we've got two SlimServers running at home. One with my music on, and one with the wifes - mainly to avoid cross-contamination (but partly because mine lives on a portable device that travels with me for work!)

Now that we have a Squeezebox in a family area of the house (I have one in the study that's connected to my music) it's usually set up to access her server, but sometimes I want to switch over to mine (normally only permitted when the rest of the family are out and it's just me and the dog at home!)

Problem is.... unless I'm missing something *really* obvious (and it's quite possible... though I have tried a couple of searches here first) short of turning off the Squeezebox and catching it as it's waking up and selecting a server I can't find an easy way to switch between available servers.

Can I do this? Am I missing something really obvious? Should I just put my foot down and only allow my music in the house?!

Oh, I tried swapping IP addresses on the boxes but for various other reasons (other port forwarding we've got set up) I don't like doing that (and it's too clumsy for the girls as a regular solution)

2007-09-30, 17:13
On 30-Sep-07, at 5:00 PM, OffBeatMammal wrote:

> Can I do this?
If you press and hold the left arrow button, the player will pop back
into setup mode where you can choose from squeezeNetwork or the
available servers found on your network.


2007-10-01, 11:13
fantastic - thanks!
I'll try it as soon as I get home
I'd been trying random button presses for things that seemed like a good idea... probably hadn't held it down long enough ;)