View Full Version : Slimserver Remote Access.

2007-09-30, 16:47
I have a problem when I remotely access Slim Server 6.5.4. If I am connected remotely and make a change to the currently playing play list and the server moves on to the next song before I end the remote session or if I access SS remotly a second time the right (now playing side) Slim Server screen goes blank. Within 2 or 3 songs the now playing display on the Squeezebox goes blank but continues playing. If it is a random playlist selected within Slim Server the player will continue to the end of the selected songs and quit.

To clear the problem I have to shutdown Slim Server completely and restart it, then clear the now playing list and then sometimes restart Slim Server again after that.

My network is set up with the Slim Server running on a Windows XP machine (wired) ip
The Squeezebox, is connected to wifi ssid Squishy ( channel 1. (Nothing else is connected to that AP)
The machine I do remote from is my laptop connected wifi to ssid Mittens ( and dhcp server.) channel 11.

I have removed and reinstalled Slim Server to make sure its clean. I have no connectivity problems with any of my PC's or Wireless. There are no firewalls running inside the network.

Any suggestions??