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2007-09-30, 03:19
I am running SS 6.5.5 - 12607 under Windows XP; the music library is located on an external machine using a mapped drive to point to it. The file path points to the correct iTunes library file.
SS lists all of my playlists including those from iTunes (with the prefix as selected in the setup page) BUT they are all empty (except 'Podcasts')!
Playlists created and saved in SS are OK.
Any suggestions??

2007-09-30, 08:58
Find your "itunes music library.xml" file. That contains your play lists and library. Next point your Slimserver to where the file is. (Server Settings, Basic Settings, Playlists Folder) While you are there make sure the "Use Itunes" radio button is selected.

Two other things:
SS can't use Smart play lists.
If your music collection is not in the default location it is likely the itunes library file is in the default location. (for Windows, My Documents\My Music\iTunes )

2007-09-30, 09:23
SS is already pointed to the itunes xml file (the iTunes playlists are seen by SS but are just empty...).
SS FAQ says the smart playlists are picked up as a snapshot at the time the library is rescanned.

2007-09-30, 16:06
Did you do a search for other itunes music library.xml files? I had a total of four library.xml files at one point.

Its weird but iTunes seems to change the location of the .xml in use. I finally loaded each .xml file in IE and searched trough until I found the one with playlist data as for some reason the playlist names showed up in more than one .xml file.

2007-10-01, 01:04
Did you do a search for other itunes music library.xml files?

Yes and I have only one iTunes xml file...

2007-10-03, 22:49
You may need to specify a Slim Server playlists directory - I couldn't get SS to pick up iTunes playlists until I did this.

Also, some of the older versions of SS were just crap at reading iTunes xml (much better with 6.5.2/3)

2007-10-06, 10:30
I am having the same problem. I have never attempted to use iTunes in slimserver before but as I rely on iTunes heavily now for playlist management I decided to give it a whirl.

Upgraded Slimserver on my Linux machine to the latest RPM (6.5.4) and set it up to use iTunes.

iTunes database and all of my music files are synch'd nightly from a Windows Vista machine running latest iTunes version to the Linux box... so the iTunes database file and associated music are located on the Linux box itself.

Checked the radio button for "use iTunes" and pointed Slimserver to my iTunes database and the music folder that all of the music resides on.

All of the albums/artists/etc are showing up, and the playlists for iTunes show up, but when they are selected they are showing up as empty.

I've tried a rescan, etc, any ideas to resolve this are welcome. I did notice that one playlist I have with the name '**** & *****' (meaning 4 and 5 star songs) shows up in Slim as '****' but I doubt that's breaking the whole thing.

Is there any debugging I can do to see what's going on with populating these playlists?