View Full Version : Can 'bad' files in music folder cause Slimserver to freeze?

2007-09-29, 15:00
Over the last week or so my Slimserver often freezes - causing both SB3's to 'lock up'. Only way to resolve it is restart Slimserver.

What could be the possible causes of this? Could a 'bad' file in my music folder be causing it?

2007-09-29, 16:16
Is it repeatable with ertain tracks? If so then that sounds like a plausable explination.

You should probably turn on some of the debugging options in server settings. I would suggest some to try, but i'm running a SS7 beta and the debug routines are very different from 6.5.x

I'm sure someone else can be of more help though :)

2007-09-30, 12:51
I had a bad file that caused SS to freeze. It used to crash whenever it had to display the album art. I deleted it and the horror ended (phew).