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2007-09-29, 09:41
Hi there. I've been enjoying my Squeezebox 3 for about a year now, but I had to change my wireless router and I'm having trouble.

I lost my Linksys router and installed a Belkin model G 4-port wireless router. I can connect to it from the SB3 and get onto the Squeeze Network without any trouble. But I cannot "see" the PC running Slim Server. I opened router ports 9000, 9090 and 3483 for both TCP and UDP to the IP address of the PC, but no luck. I am running Macafee on the PC but I uninstalled the firewall software. The PC is running Win2K SP4 so there is no XP firewall. Any clue to what else I need to check?


2007-09-29, 10:02
When you connect a laptop with wireless, can it see the slimserver?
Do you mean with router ports port forwarding?
You don't need port forwarding in your internal network, it's only for access from the internet.

Is your Router also cable or dsl modem?


2007-09-29, 10:33
Thanks for the reply.

I don't have a laptop available to test the system. I can however ping the SB3 from my PC, which is hard wired to the router.

The "port opening" is in the Belkin control panel section called "virtual servers." I set the IP address for the PC running Slim Server so calls on the three ports I mentioned are directed to it. Not sure if this is required, but knew those three ports are used by the SB3.

The router is connected to a separate DSL modem. Internet connectivity is working fine.

2007-09-29, 13:51
You definitely don't need this virtual server settings!

Refer to this:

It is port forwarding to make a connection from outside your network (internet).

The Wireless router bridges between 100BaseT and 802.11g nothing else in your case.

It should be no problem within the same ip address range to reach the slimserver. A Laptop or something else as a wireless client would be very usefull to find your problem.