View Full Version : Squeezebox would not turn on by remote

2007-09-29, 07:08
until I pulled the plug on the back. What could cause that? Should I return before my warranty expires?

2007-09-29, 10:56
More detail would help.

There is an issue that's never been diagnosed, hits some people and not others. i suspect that the wireless device (router or whatever, not the SB) needs kicking into life somehow, but can really only report on what works, not on why.

I find that if my computer has been asleep for a long time, then when the computer wakes up, the SB does not connect automatically.

As I have said *many* times before, rather than unpluging and plugging back in, just press and HOLD the power button on the remote.

This gets you to a setup screen, but there's no need to go through setup. Press the Up button, to get a message something like Connect to Press Rhight, and the SB makes a connection to the network and (rather slowly, is my impression) then connects to the server.

As the cause of the issue is not known, returning the SB probably won't help.