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2007-09-28, 22:59

Something weird started happening recently with my SB2. When I play a new song, it doesn't automatically come up on the SB display. The music plays fine. I can update the screen by pressing the "now playing" button, but I never had to do that until recently.

Also, my remote is doing weird stuff too: when I try to change a song from my collection, the song doesn't play when I press the "play" button. The other buttons seem to work without any delay, but the "play" button does not.

I am now using firmware 82. I thought maybe a recent firmware upgrade screwed it up... ???

Any thoughts?



2007-09-30, 06:19
Yes: Having same issue but still on version 81 here.

Only noticed this recently since adding a dozen or so new albums. Also added a few DTS rips from DVDs. So my database size has now increased to more than 10000 tracks.

Could database have any impact..?

As you say if I leave it 30secs for the music info screen saver to kick in it reports the correct track. But when I simply skip to next track, the next track plays OK, but the screen 'sticks' at the first track....

Happening on SB1, SB2 & SB3....

2007-10-04, 05:40
I can get it to update, but only after pressing the Now Playing button. But it's not "live". If I want it to update again, I gotta repress the button.

Also, the clock doesn't show when it's off now.

Any thoughts, anybody??

Would going back to a previous version help?