View Full Version : Scan Does Not See All Albums

2007-09-28, 09:20
Just loaded onto my drive the new KT Tunstall album, Drastic Fantastic, requested SS to scan for new music. Unfortunately all albums except the new album were scanned. Tried to clear all and re-scan complete music library, same result. The album is in a sub-folder for KT Tunstall SS can see previous album in subfolder, Eye to the Telescope, but not new album. Any suggestions.

Running SS 6.5.4
Windows XP Professional SP2
Dell Latitude 1GB RAM. 80GB HD

2007-09-28, 20:12
Try this
1) Close Slimserver
2) Go to 'Command Prompt' (C:\...:\),
3) Type CD\ to root directory (C:\),
4) Type CD program files (C:\Program Files:\),
5) Type CD slimserver (C:\Program Files\SlimServer:\),
6) Type CD server (C:\Program Files\SlimServer\Server:\),
7) Type scanner.exe --wipe-- d_scan --d_import <musicfolder>
8) clear cache and scan all files will begin, wait patiently until process end.
9) Then open Slimserver, all your music album should be there.