View Full Version : Playlist question

2007-09-28, 09:20
Is it possible for a song to be qued to the next song during a playlist? (Sorry not sure how to explain but ill give an exmaple) Say I am playing one of my playlists and a guest decides that they want to hear Madonna - Borderline as the next song in the playlist, is it possible for that to be the next song played rather than it being added to the end of the playlist? Or even if it is possible for that song to be played when it is selected (and then the play button has been pressed) and then after the song it goes back to the the playlist?

Hope I've made it clear what I mean. If theres any plugins or anything I can do to slimserver that can do this it would be nice to know.


2007-09-28, 09:51
Just press and hold the add button on the remote. Your selection will be queued up right after the current song.
You need to press the skip button to have the song start instantly - there's no one-button action to add and play AFAIK