View Full Version : Standalone Slimserver, timer options

2007-09-28, 03:32
I want to use SlimServer as a standalone solution. So the SilmServer is connectec to an amplifier directly. No other players/clients are needed. Only one computer ascting as SlimServer and plyer/client. The control is done by the webinterface.
Herefor i installed SlimServer and SoftSqueeze. This is working ok so far. I use softsqueezeHeadless because on the server/client i don't need an GUI (offcourse)......
When pressing play in the webinterface (right side/transporter) i do hear music out of the server.

I do have a few issues/wishes though, i can't seem to find if these are possible.
First, some kind of advanced timer; the player should start playing atomatically everyday at about 10am and stop around 6pm.
I tried the built in timer/alarm, but when activating a timer at a certain time nothing happens......

The server is on 24/7 but when a reboot takes place for a reason the player should start playing automatically. I'v read all about an 'AutoPlay' command in the slimserver.pref but they/it don't seem to work.

2007-09-29, 01:28
Isn't there anyone who has the same setup?
Or knows another way to accomplish what i want?