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2007-09-27, 14:44
After only a few hours use here's my initial impression.

It looks and feels pretty good and it's great to have a charging cradle with a bit of weight to it. It really bugs me when you take a phone out of the charger and it gets dragged to the floor by the weight of its own cable.

Setting up - pretty much went automatically with the exeption of inputting my network password which was a nightmare. A long password coupled with the lack of debouncing on the buttons (I know this is being looked at) made it hard work. How about an option to load the password from the SD card?

Apart from that gripe I like it, but it remains to be seen whether I can find my music quicker using Jive or Lazysearch on the standard remote.


2007-09-27, 14:54
(Sorry to jump on your thread Craig)

I meant to post a first impressions thread as well, but never got round to it.

I'll not comment on the software as i haven't had much time to play with it extensively yet and it is still on an old software revision.

To the hardware!

I love the amount of scratch protection you guys have on this! I have a little but of a thing for peeling this stuff off. I get irrationally annoyed at people that leave it on. Keep up the god work!!

I like the base as well, but i wish the unit fit in it more snugly and had a more positive connection when charging. If playback is going to be added to the remote in the future, a headphone jack in the base would be good.

I don't like the power cable being hard wired in. if i wanted the base on my desk, it would be difficult to get either the plug or the base through the gap between the desk and the wall.

I know there is a new hardware revision on it's way. It will be interesting to see how it progresses from where it is now :)

2007-09-28, 03:10
Hi Funkstar, glad to see you are involved too :)

I know there is a new hardware revision on it's way. It will be interesting to see how it progresses from where it is now :)

Such as, go any more info?

2007-09-28, 03:14
Such as, go any more info?
Not really. I'm at work so don't have the email in front of me, but there was something about a new hardware revision being sent out in batches to beta testers.

The internals must be changed as well though, as future firmware updates may not have support for the first revision.

Fine by me, it means i don't have to worry so much when i take the remote appart... like i do with just about everything cool :)

2007-09-28, 03:35
Could the batch just sent out (i got mine yesterday) be newer ones?

2007-09-28, 03:47
I have no idea. I don't know what the hardware changes were, or if any of them are external or not.

2007-09-28, 04:49
There are two main version of hardware PQP1 and PQP2 and they can be identified by the serial no.

My PQP2 was sent in early Sept. and I know that setting brightness between about 75%-90% results in no light which is a hardware bug and planned to be fixed in a future hardware rev.

I don't know if there are minor revs to PQP2's but check the brightness setting and see if it has been fixed.

2007-09-28, 05:34
I only got my Jive yesterday, so haven't had time to collate my thoughts (and I'm waiting for a new Windows SS 7.0 build with the fixed firmware), but I did want to make a quick comment regarding the charging station:

I like the base as well, but i wish the unit fit in it more snugly and had a more positive connection when charging.
I've seen more than one comment say pretty much the same thing. I strongly disagree, and reckon that the charging base is just about perfect the way it is. (Am I allowed to say I wish it had a Slim Devices logo instead of the Logitech one? <ducks> :-)

I wouldn't want the fit to be any tighter - there would be the potential to scratch the finish if you had to physically push & pull it in & out. Other people have complained about a "bounce" when you drop it in. So don't drop it in! Just *place* it in the cradle gently, what's so difficult about that? The chime that confirms charging has started seems perfectly adequate to reassure you that connection has been made. (In fact that's the only noise I haven't switched off - the rest of them are pretty irritating).

2007-09-28, 06:14
I also agree about the base. A lose fit means i can drop in and out with ease - and as WifI is such a drain on battery it needs to be in most of the time. The weight of the remote ensures a decent connection at the charge points.

2007-09-28, 06:17
I like the base too. I used to have a Harmony 880 and it was a nightmare on the cradle. I used to have to jiggle and push it endlessly to get it to stay connected. Also, since it beeped whenever it reconnected to the contacts, there'd often be random beeps in the middle of the night. With the jive charger, there no way to miss the contacts!

2007-09-28, 06:30
Oh well, just me then :o)

At the moment it is sitting next to my SB3 on the mantlepiece, but if it was on my desk it feels like i'd probably end up knocking it out. I'm also used to my SE phone being secured to the desk stand i have for it.