View Full Version : Jive layout api changes

2007-09-26, 12:10
In the original Jive screen mock ups the menus only had one text label and an icon. The existing api was designed based on this constraint, where the Label widget can contain text and an icon. Each line in the menu is then a label. The latest mock ups are now slightly different, and each menu line may now have multiple icons. See the attached example shows a rework of the now playing screen. The currently playing track is now indicated by a play icon.

To allow for this I am proposing a slight change in the widget api. Firstly Label will only contain text, and it will not include an optional other widget. The a new container widget Group will be introduced that will layout multiple items horizontally.

I think the Group widget will provide an good building block for extended other layouts later. An alternative solution of adding an addition icon to the Label seems like a short term solution only.

I think the impact of this change on existing code should be small, with most changes to the SimpleMenu widget and the more complex menu supported by the SlimBrowser. My main concern is the additional overhead added by adding an additional layer in the widget hierarchy (remember this framework is targeted at low power embedded devices).

I'll probably look at changing this tomorrow, and was looking for feedback first in case anyone can suggest a better approach.