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2007-09-26, 09:09
Hi guys!

I've just hooked up my first SB, and I've got to say that this thing is surprising me with all it's functionality and flexibility.

But, I've run into some problems using the podcast plugin;
The podcast giving me problems is this one:

When I select it in the menu, the SB says: "ERROR: Unable to parse ASF Audio Stream"

The thing is that this is a mp3 stream..
Any tips on this one? Maybe it's the tags used in the xml-code or something..

2007-10-09, 00:36
Since I got no reply to this I'm bumping it and adding some new info;

It seems that the SB is able to play the stream sometimes. If I stop it, pause it or switch to another source I'm not able to stream the podcast again. I'm having problems determining what causes this and when I'm able to play it again, turning the unit on and off does not make the SB able to play the stream again..

This is all very confusing to me, anyone got any ideas?

2007-11-06, 05:47
Please... anyone..