View Full Version : NOT wake up Slimserver (but Squeeze Network)

2007-09-26, 08:01

I have installed shutdown.pm and Powrcontrl.pm and the both work fine. I can shut down and start Windows/Slimserver as I want.
However, suppose I execute one of the plugins to shut down server and PC and after 10 minutes want to start my SB3 again, this time on Squeeze Network (WITHOUT getting the "Waking up slimserver" message and turnig on my computer). How shall I do that? As of now, the SB wakes up the Slimserver and PC, as soon as I touch the ON-button on my remote control.



2007-09-26, 08:20
Try pressing and holding the left button. That should take you back
to the setup menu where you get the option to connect to
SqueezeNetwork instead of a SlimServer.

2007-09-26, 08:43
Yeah, just did (using shutdown.pm) and you're right. I sort of "run away" to the Sq-Network before the shutdown is complete. This way I can then turn off the SB and when I start it again I start where I quitted: Squeeze Network. I can then log into slimserver ("Connecting to Slimserver")/start the PC again... Nice
However "Connecting..." seems to have the same function as "Waking up...". Any difference that I not notice?

Also, is it possible to modify the Shutdown.pm code so that SB automatically logs in to ("runs away to") SqueezeNetwork when I execute the plugin? I wish I had the skill, but I'm totally lost with Perl and stuff :-/