View Full Version : Help: Move from Twonky to Slimserver (NAS platform)

2007-09-26, 03:57
I currently have the following configuration:

Server: Buffalo Terastation 1TB Live running Twonkyvision
Clients: Roku Soundbridge M2000 & PS3
Audio: Meridian Audio G68 Processor
Network: 100Mbps LAN using Solwise 200Mbps Homeplugs
Music: I have a huge collection of CDís to rip and want to use a lossless compression such as .flac or .wma lossless.

In my early days of playing (and paying! for Twonky), I have discovered that it doesnít quite fit the bill and this has left me with a few questions which I canít find specific answers to on the forum search. Iím looking for an alternative server solution and have had Slimserver recommended to me.

Perhaps you guys can help?

1) Firstly, can Slimserver (SS) be installed on a Buffalo NAS Terastation Live (ARM processor)? Are there any compiled install routines for ARM builds as Iím a bit of a Linux newbie, but have a good technical grasp of command lines.

2) Do people use SS with Roku clients and is the display on the Roku used effectively. i.e. the display isnít truncated by SS, with SS thinking that itís a SS hardware device and the Roku searching is retained?

3) I have discovered that the PS3 cannot playback .flac. It might be possible in a future firmware release if Sony pull their fingers out. Is it possible for SS to transcode .flac to a suitable PS3 codec, whilst retaining the ability to play pure .flac to the Roku client? E.g. a client list set up by IP address with different configs applied to each client.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.


2007-09-26, 04:31
1. SS can run on a Terastation - I don't know about the details.

2. The Roku emulates a SB1 when used with SS. Therefore SS will only send WAV or MP3 streams so no Flac or WMA. All other streams are transcoded by SS - this may be a problem with Roku as it will result in a WAV stream as Terastation may not have CPU power to re-encode into MP3. Roku will only display the SB1 screen size (about same as M1000). No screensavers (VU meters, Spectrum) are availble. No Roku searching available only SS functionality. For reliable SS use I believe you should use Roku fw 2.5.x and maybe 2.7.x. I think there are problems with fw 3.x

3. No specific support for PS3 in SS - I believe you can just send an MP3 stream (all formats will be transcoded in to MP3) controlled by a Web interface.