View Full Version : Has anyone tried this?

2007-09-25, 20:09
I'm contemplating purchasing a portable MP3 and I ran across the following;


I'm wondering if anyone has listened to it and how is it.
I'm anti-ipod and this little thing looks sexy..


2007-09-26, 03:51
I own one and it really is a great player.
Sound quality is good, but not outstanding. However, with a highly configurable equlizer built-in you can get it to sound the way you like.
One of the major pros is the database the vibez automatically creates from the tags (like slimserver). So you can browse by album, artist, genre. Transfer of files is just drag and drop so no need for transfer software. Runs on all OS that support USB mass storage devices.
The DJ function gives you access to smart playlists (like iTunes) to play new music, music from a decade, forgotten gems, most popular ...
The firmware used in this player is based on the firmware used in the now discontinued Rio Karma.
The scroll wheel makes navigation very easy and works well. The screen could be a bit larger (especially in relation to the overall size of the player) but the quality is good.
Review: http://www.trustedreviews.com/mp3/review/2007/08/01/TrekStor-vibez-12GB-/p1