View Full Version : Squeezebox 2 vs 3

2007-09-25, 08:56
Hi, apart from the design what if any are differences between a Squeezebox 2 and 3? I've read a couple of posts elsewhere that suggest that the internal hardware is identical but I also thought that the SB3 had better wi-fi security. Thanks

2007-09-25, 09:04
The only wireless difference I'm aware of is the type of antenna (single external in the SB2 and double internal in the SB3).


2007-09-25, 09:40
The SB2/SB3 have better wireless security than the SB1. (They support WPA and WPA2, the SB1 only does WEP which has been broken.)

The catch is that the SB2 looks almost exactly the same as an SB1G, and the used market often has SB1G's masquerading as SB2's.

2007-09-25, 10:39
Siduhe, thanks for pointing me at comparison link.
Snarlydwarf, I agree that the wi-fi security is better on the SB3.
To pick up on the other point that there is no way to tell the difference betweeb SB1/2 .. presumably based on the comparison table only SB2 supports FLAC & Ogg?

2007-09-25, 10:43
The SB 1 are labeled "squeezebox" while the SB2 is labeled "squeezebox 2" but if someone is trying to pass a SB1 off, that is fraud, so I would not trust the label.

The pre-SB1/G models had a different display, easily identified.