View Full Version : Any chance of adding Neural Music Direct?

2007-09-24, 22:42
This sounded incredibly exciting to me so I thought I would throw this out to the teeming masses for comment:

For those of you that haven't heard, (and if I'm understanding this correctly), a company named Neural Music Direct (neuralmusicdirect.com) offers audiophile quality HD stereo and HD surround streaming radio to those that have a/v receivers (w/ Ethernet connections) capable of decoding their streams.

I don't know whether they require hardware-assisted decoding or whether it's a licensed codec but how cool would this be as the next greatest thing for SqueezeNetwork? Imagine having DVD-A/SACD quality sound streaming via SNet!

Is this even possible to be added to our architecture?



2007-09-25, 06:34
Unfortunately they don't share any info on which format is used or I couldn't find it. If you could give me an url... I could test it. Also surround will not with transporter and Squeezebox.

2007-09-25, 07:39
As far as I can tell from their website it's a proprietary format...

2007-09-25, 08:49
From digging around their main site, www.neuralaudio.com, it seems clear that it's a licensed proprietary technology that someone from Logitech would probably have to contact them about to find out more info about potential implementation.

Right now, many high end receivers (Pioneer, Denon, Yamaha, etc.) have the Neural logo on their top of the line'ish models and have a Neural logo on the actual receiver showing compatibility.

Sounds promising, but again, it's hard to tell whether those that got licensing/partnership rights were given a hardware decoder to install in their receivers or if it is done via software/firmware.

Either way, interesting stuff eh?