View Full Version : 3rd party applets installation ?

2007-09-24, 20:07
I'll ask again since I didn't really got a satisfying answer the first time.

How is the plan that 3rd party jive applets will be installed on the Jive remote ?

If I have understand it corrected the Jive remote will download a jive bin file for all the stuff bundled with SlimServer when there is a new version available. But what a about third party code ?

Will the jive bin file downloaded from SlimServer overwrite any installed 3rd party applets so I have to install them again ?

Will the end users have to use a SD card or SSH into the Jive remote to install a 3rd party applet on the remote ?
Or will there be some automatic download mechanism from SlimServer also for 3rd party applets ?

The thing I'm a bit worried about is that it will be very complicated for a user to get a 3rd party Jive applet onto the remote. For example if I provide a Jive applet for my own SlimServer plugins.

I don't really care if I have to use a SD card or SSH for now, what I'm interested in is how this will work in the released product.

2007-09-26, 01:12
Sorry I've been slow replying to this question. I'll follow up in your thread in the developers forum.