View Full Version : Humyo.com - free online storage and streaming

2007-09-24, 04:54
I came across a service called humyo.com the other day, that offers free, unlimited storage/backup of your files. It also has the ability to stream music and videos that you've uploaded via their own web-based interface.

I haven't tried the service out yet, it appears a little "too good to be true" to my cynical old mind, but I was wondering if it could be integrated with the SB to provide another way of getting at your music.

Has anybody tried humyo.com and or have any thoughts on this?

2007-09-24, 05:42
An interesting idea for whoever runs the service. I saw an article recently about how some geek squad employees were mining porn from their clients PCs. Maybe these guys are looking for specific file types... video and audio to enhance their personal home theater collections? Or maybe they are more interested in Quicken files...

I'll keep my stuff on my machine.