View Full Version : Stop/start SS without tray icon

2007-09-23, 13:29
How do I stop or start SlimServer without the tray icon being visible? I just right-clicked it to bring up the menu and the icon disappeared. So without using task manager, how do I stop it without waiting until my PC reboots and the tray icon reappears? Running slimtray.exe rarely shows me the tray icon again!

Win XP Home SP2. SS 6.5.3

Anoop M.
2007-09-24, 17:11
click START then RUN. THen type in services.msc

once the services box opens, scroll down to SlimServer. Right click on it and click stop.

2007-09-25, 11:14
Further to this, on my system running SS 6.5.4 on XP Pro SP1 you can only stop Slimserver when logged on as Admin (this was using the tray icon). I've just tried your method and got "access denied" when in a plain user account, is there any way of doing this here maybe by modifying permissions etc , also is there any way to stop and restart Slimserver automatically from a Squeezebox ?