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Colin Burn-Murdoch
2004-01-16, 16:42
> > > Yabbut he's trying to transcode a net stream. The server doesn't do
> > > that yet.
> >
> > Does that make a difference? Surely the server just sees MP3 data coming in
> > on STDIN? same as if you're converting from an ogg file etc?
> Please excuse my ID10T syndrome. I just realized what it is you're
> doing with convert.conf and you're correct about what /should/ happen.
> (been working on streaming too much this past week) Looks like the
> problem is no native understanding of rtsp:. The server wants to treat
> it as a local filename.

OK, some of the time it's working now, but when it does the server slows to a crawl. Other times it just emits noise, and most of the time it does the same thing as before, just staying stopped and erroring with:

2004-01-16 23:30:37.6840 Song is of unrecognized type rts! Stopping! rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio1/live/r1_dsat_g2.ra

When it works, it displays (minus the uninitialised values):

2004-01-16 23:25:53.2662 00:04:20:05:0a:34: Switching to mode play
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2684 openSong on: rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio1/live/r1_dsat_g2.ra
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2711 openSong: getting duration , size , and offset for rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio1/live/r1_dsat_g2.ra
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2718 checking formats for: rts-aif-squeezebox-00:04:20:05:0a:34
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2724 checking formats for: rts-wav-squeezebox-00:04:20:05:0a:34
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2728 checking formats for: rts-mp3-squeezebox-00:04:20:05:0a:34
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2732 openSong: this is an rts file: rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio1/live/r1_dsat_g2.ra
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2737 file type: rts format: mp3
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2742 command: vsound -s trplayer -q $URL$ | lame --silent -b 128 - -
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2748 Using command for conversion: vsound -s trplayer -q "rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio1/live/r1_dsat_g2.ra" | lame --silent -b 128 - - & |
piping vsound -s trplayer -q "rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio1/live/r1_dsat_g2.ra"
piping lame --silent -b 128 - -
2004-01-16 23:25:53.2995 Streaming with format: mp3
2004-01-16 23:25:53.3239 00:04:20:05:0a:34 New play mode: play
2004-01-16 23:25:53.3309 00:04:20:05:0a:34: Current playmode: play
Assuming raw pcm input file

But then when it's stopped, and restarted it says unrecognised type rts! again.

I think I might call it reasonably successful groundwork and wait until the server is updated to handle the stream - unless there's any further suggestions - i don't listen to the radio much anyway.