View Full Version : Wrong Duration in Song: Won't play full song

2007-09-23, 10:33

I record NPR streams using Radiolover on a Mac. NPR has a 16 second intro ("Support for streaming on ...") before the stream starts.
When I play a 60 minute steam (say) under 6.5.0 it plays through the intro and then the rest of the show.
However under 6.5.1, 6.5.2, ..., 7.0a it will only play the 16 second into and acts as if the file is only 16 seconds long.
I looked at the details and it says the "Duration' is 16 secs but the file length is 58Mb (i.e., the full hour). I can not FFW over it, etc. I have tried this on 15 shows. reverting back to 6.5.0 fixes it.

Does anyone know a way to "reset" the duration?
Is this a bug on > 6.5.0 versions?

Thanks for any thoughts ...


2009-01-25, 19:34
I am getting exactly the same problem as described above. I have an mp3 audio file that slimserver thinks is 12 seconds, but when I look at its properties it shows that it is over an hour. The problem is evidently that the song duration
that slimserver sees
is incorrect.

I know what the correct duration is. Now if only I knew how
to manually change the duration that slimserver sees. Does slimserver look
to the id3v2 TLEN tag, or somewhere else?