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2007-09-23, 00:34
Hi i have found three problems with slimserver 6.5.4 that i did not have with 6.5.3

1. Slimtray mysteriusly vanish ? from the system tray after a completely random time period, work around is to restart via desktop icon.

2. Slimserver is unable to find some flac files it can not read the tags !! in fact my library is schrinking with every scan ??

3. Random drop outs black screen in squeeze box music still playing, sometimes very very slow remote response, or sometimes drop out in sound, or the music stopps for no reason (just hit play and its on again). this could take maybe 20 minutes to repeat

The only thing i did was, removing 6.5.3 installed 6.5.4 updated fw in player.No other sw in the machine was touched when this happened
The forum search seems broken when i tried it ? only a white screen nothing happens. So forgive me if it is old news.
I tried the user hostile bugzilla database with no sucess, i could not find any usefull information or i could not understand it as presented to me.


2007-09-23, 01:12
Oops more info for you , I'm on an XP sp2 machine Dualcore Pentium 3,6GHz 4gb ram.
A netgear WGT624v3 router i use the wireless conection.

2007-09-23, 02:58
While at it i will try the following i removed .prefs and casch as suggested in faq & are now rescanning everything from scratch.
And i also set my native language from scratch before any scans.
Can shifting between different languages in slimserver confuse things?

I Also changed my performance setting in XP to "services" instead of "programs", byt is this needed for my machine ?

2007-09-23, 03:05
Intresting now the scan is complete it seems like i have ca 13000 files (was ca 10500) but 40 or so less artists this time.
And yes a very large part is not tagged at all yet. I don't expect SS to find these, but i expect SS to find flac files with working tags as foobar and tag&rename can see them.

However i have to let the music play for a while to se if i get any more hickupps with slimtray or other issues.

2007-09-23, 03:44
Darn :-( 40 minutes off play. Then the music stops, SS is displaying "stopped" and sb is displaying "stopped".
I have not pressed any stop button on the remote or SS ?

2007-09-23, 04:01
Will log off for now, I have to go away for work for maybe 14 days, will continue faultracing then. You might reply while i'm away if you have realy usefull answers, but i can't reply.
Please don't fill my tread with endless speculation while i'm away ;-)