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2007-09-22, 10:55
I found a bug in 6.5.4 on Windows and it may also hint at a problem under *nix.
I've defined a folder for all my my artwork. The name format I've defined is %ARTIST - ALBUM.jpg. I had a problem with a couple CDs. One is Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis? and the other was Beach Boys - Sunflower/Surf's Up. Slimserver determined that the file name for the artwork jpg should be
Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis?.jpg and
Beach Boys - Sunflower/Surf's Up.jpg
The problem is that "?" and "/" are invalid characters for file names under Windows. IIRC, "/" is invalid under many *nix systems also.

A possible fix would be to filter the invalid characters based on OS.

I was able to address the problem by editing the tags on the appropriate files so it isn't a problem for my install.

2007-09-22, 11:59
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2007-09-22, 12:03
Please ignore my post. This is a known bug (3395).