View Full Version : Pinging a remote server with what I am listening to now

Eric Lyons
2004-01-16, 14:22

It's sure doable with the command-line interface. Personally, I'd
probably write a Perl script using something like Net::CMD and send it
some strings like "artist ?", "album ?" "title ?", and then take the
results and send a GET to your server.

If you're not perl-handy... well, no time like the present to get

--- Bob Myers <rtm (AT) gol (DOT) com> wrote:
> I'd like to have my web page show what I'm listening to now. The web
> page lives at a hosting service, while SlimServer runs on a machine
> inside my home firewall, not accessible from outside. So there's no
> way
> to query the Slimsever--instead, I think I want to have SlimServer
> "ping" my host every time a new song starts:
> I'm sure this would be an easy change if I wanted to dive into server
> code, but does anyone have a better or simpler idea?
> --
> Bob Myers