View Full Version : Some tunes warble all of a sudden

2007-09-19, 17:47
So I'm playing some random tunes through my SB3 and on the next tune (Alison Krauss and US Live, Track 5) the tune starts warbling and seems to slow down while it's doing this weird warble thing. I go back to my computer and play it locally through WinAmp. Plays fine. Try playing it again through the SB3. Warble. Unplug and replug SB3. Same. Listen through the headphone jack on the SB3. Same. Play a different tune, plays fine. Why would this one tune play oddly through the SB3 but not through WinAmp?

All tracks on my system were ripped to FLAC through EAC. CRC checks out good on this and all tracks I ripped from my CDs.

2007-09-19, 18:46
I think I may have narrowed down my own problem. May be an issue with Inguz. I will post in the Plugins forum.