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Geoffrey Kolstad
2004-01-16, 12:24
For automated renaming and/or retagging I use the MP3 Tag Studio utility on Windows (free, with sightly annoying banner ad displayed). You can rename the files based on the tags, retag based on the filename/directory structure (e.g. <artist>\<album>\<track#> - <song>), substitute underscores for spaces and much more very easily.



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Let's just chalk this up to an ID10T error on my part. I was browsing
the music folder, and that does look at the filename... I really want
to be browsing albums or artists which uses the ID3info. As we used to
say "my bad"...


kdf wrote:

>Quoting Eric Schoville <eric (AT) schoville (DOT) com>:
>>Recently, I converted some CD's to mp3 format using CDex in Windows and
>>added them to my mp3 directory and rescanned. The rest of my collection
>>had been scanned using grip on Linux. The problem arises because of
>>different filenaming convensions:
>>The Windows files:
>> 1) Upper case first letters
>> 2) Blanks in the filenames
>> ex: /mp3/The Doobie Brothers/Best Of The Doobies/01-China Grove.mp3
>>The Linux files:
>> 1) No upper case letters
>> 2) Spaces have been converted to underscore
>> ex: /mp3/gipsy_kings/the_best_of/01-djobi_djoba.mp3
>>Anyway, in the web interface (fishbone), all of the information for the
>>linux files is in lowercase (I originally thought this was the default
>>for fishbone), but the ones scanned in Windows appear like they do in
>>other skins, upper case first letters. This means that in the web
>>interface, I have both "dave matthews" and "Dave Matthews". It is a
>>really PITA.
>>1) Isn't the information for the skins based solely on the ID3info?
>>2) I really don't want to mess with renaming a bunch of files just to
>>use the fishbone interface, what can I do?
>All the ID3 info for the skins is generated by the server, including upper and
>lower case formatting. This should be the same for all skins. If you have you
>server setting to get info from filename, then you'll see filenames. Otherwise,
>everything does come from the ID3 tags. I fail to see how one skin can produce
>this problem while others do not. What you may be seeing is a situation where
>album and artist have the same info. I personally hav emy artist names in all
>caps, albums in title caps. I often see self titled albums override the all
>caps for the artist. But this still happens in at least Default as well as
>Fishbone. Can you send me a couple screenshots of a songinfo in Fishbone and a
>songinfo in Standard showing where the display of the same song differ?
>Slimserver relies on tagging, so you are probably stuck with retagging.