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2007-09-19, 13:18

Thinking of increase my SB stock :-) I saw SB3 for $299 on Amazon and that's a lot more cheap than here. However - might be a silly question but... There shouldn't be a problem with the Power adaptor since I buy from the US. Can't I just mount the appropriate plug (the box I bought here included two) and stick it into the wall?

Also, I couldn't really find the shipping price from US to Swden (Europe) on the Amazon site :-/

Maybe anyone here has experience from buying an SB (or similar) from the US to Europe...?



2007-09-19, 13:51
If you buy direct from SlimDevices' website, you can ask for the proper power adaptor, and they'll include it. Put it in the comments field.

Or you can just order the power brick from the 'accessories' page.

The wall wart is nothing special, you can probably even find one locally.

VAT, import duties, etc are, of course, your responsability.

2007-09-19, 14:08
I bought all my SB3's from slimdevices.com to France. Mind you they ship with UPS, and at least here UPS will invoice the VAT.

2007-09-19, 14:31
According to the "Buy now" page here att slimdevices.com, they no longer ship to Europe, they just refer to logitech.com for destinations outside South/North America and Asia.

2007-09-19, 14:41
Unfortunately you now have to go through www.logitech.com or a local distributor

2007-09-19, 15:17
Unfortunately you now have to go through www.logitech.com or a local distributor

And there it's even more expensive than in my local store...

However, anyway I think I get a lot for the money, so I'll go to my local store for a deal (as soon as I've made another deal - the one with my wife! :-))

Thanks for your replies and cheers!


2007-09-20, 00:09
If you go to Logitech Sweden and enter the promo code jellybattle2A (thanks Killie99) you can get 20% off.

Just looked at the Logitech Sweden site and the price dropped to 2 399,20 SEK.

Not sure how long this promo is going to last for though so maybe get in quick.


2007-09-20, 13:27
Hey hey, sounds nice :-)

But where do I put the code, can't find it.

I pressed "Add to basket" and the only place to put a code was in a box for E-coupon... I tried, but the price was till 2999 SEK... :-(

Maybe it won't work anymore. Thanks anyway, mate!


2007-09-20, 13:59
yup, it doesn't work on the UK site anymore now either, should have bought some more first.

Does have something about passing level3 on the JellyBattle game to get 20% discount, perhaps you could try that.