View Full Version : SB3 hangs

2007-09-19, 01:33
Dear all,

I am facing an intermittant issue and would like ot know if anyone got it as well, and found a solution.

My system: Slimserver 6.5.4 on Vista EN cp1252, E6300 CPU and 4 Go memory, wireless connection to SB3 (firmware 81). I have also installed Inguz plugin (with no correction at this stage)

It happens at times that the music stops playing in the middle of a track. The SB3 doesn't seem to be totally stuck since the name of the song still moves on the display, the server side also seem fine. It would remain stopped for hours unless I press the "next track" button.

This sometimes happens once a day, sometimes 3 times per hour. I have not been able to identify any pattern in the environment that creates this behaviour.

Surprisingly I also noticed on a few occasions that the SB3 would power on by itself (no action on the server nor the remote, maybe ghosts...)

Any clue?


2007-09-19, 20:50
I also noticed, at the time the music stops, the screen of the SB3 blinks briefly...