View Full Version : Sussenly Having A Problem Getting Scanning To Work

2007-09-17, 21:34
I originally purchased my Transporter back in April and had the help of a pc guru friend in getting everything set up and working. Then, due to an unexpected, and lengthy family illness, I had virtually no time to play with it until yesterday.

I'm ready to get some serious use out of the Transporter now, but I'm suddenly experiencing a problem that did not happen back when I was originally using it.

I had ripped half a dozen new cds to my iTunes library (in Apple Lossless, of course) and wanted to have them on the dedicated music raid harddrives that feed the Transporter. Previously, when I went into server settings and scanned, it foudn whatever was there and copied it all over. Now, when I attempt to do that, it says "the server is now rescanning your music library"......and it will say that for hours on end. There are occasional green status bars that make it appear it is doing just that, but when I check, later on, there is still only whatw as there before. No new music has been scanned in.

My iTunes library is on my primary computer, and the second computer is a backup pc, but primary music storage device, with 1.5TB in Raid dedicated to the Transporter.

Any idea why this would happen now when it was working before and nothing has changes? At least nothing has been changed by me.

2007-09-17, 23:57
Well, theres nothing in the scanner that would cause files to be copied from one place to another. Perhaps your friend set up some scripts to do the copying?

It might be helpful if you said some more about your setup. What operating systems? Where are the file systems and what computer are they connected to? How are they connected?