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2007-09-17, 12:47
I have a weird problem with the last SB V3 I got. First thing I noticed was when my screensaver was on and the text was scrolling, the text would sometimes pause for a few seconds, then "catch up" to where it should have been. I placed it right next to my older SB and the older one didn't have a problem. I contacted support and we've been going back and forth. They suggested weak wireless signal so I placed it right next to my router, same thing. I was about to try the next thing suggested by support, to hardwire the SB to the router when it seemed to clear up. Last night I was trying to use it to play through some PC speakers on my deck, everything was good for a while, then all of a sudden, I hit play and nothing, go back on the remote, forward, nothing. Thirty or so seconds later, it runs through all the commands that apparently were stacked up. Any thoughts on things to check? I'm going to back to support but they were indicating if everything was okay when it was hardwired, there's no issue. Since the original problem seemed to clear up, I'm not sure what to do now.

2007-09-17, 13:08
I've seen similar behavior when I was using Windows XP for my server. The machine was also connected to my network via wireless. Both of my squeezeboxes are wireless.

I've also seen this behavior if the signal strength is marginal (< 50%). When using mine on my deck connected to PC speakers (good idea!) it was very unresposive, just like you describe. I repositioned my wireless router to aim the antennas toward the deck to resolve that issue.

I am now running my server on a Linux box. It is hardwired into the network though my squeezeboxes are still wireless. Since making this change, I have never noted this behavior. It should also be noted that my Linux machine has the same specs as the Windows XP box.

The fact that my XP box was connected to my network via wireless may have contributed to the problem. I think it may also have been due to things like Windows update, virus scans, etc. that would run periodically.

It's interesting that you see the issue with only your new squeezebox. Is it possible that it is just a coincidence? The experiment of running it hardwired to your network will be telling.

2007-09-17, 15:08
I had a similar experience when I briefly had a metal bucket placed between my WAP and my SB3. Moved the bucket and performance was back to normal.

My suggestion: test wired, then if wired is okay, look for wireless interference/contention.

2007-09-18, 09:50
Okay - router is in the basement so testing a problem that's occurring sporadically will be a pain, but I'll give it a whirl. I am going to try two things to generally improve the connection...

1) Set up an higher gain antenna on my router to boost the signal, though not sure and communications back to the server will be increased.
2) Place a router in bridge mode in the room with the SBs.

Neither of these solutions is hardwiring so I guess I'm stuck trying to get the problem to occur while it's wired. I was tempted to blame the server (hardwired) but when one SB was not having the text scrolling pauses and the other was, I figured it was something else. If it is the server, I would see the same issues on my other SB, right?

2007-09-19, 09:23
I have had the same thing occur with one of my SB3's (altho honestly, the other one doesn't get used as much, so it's possible it could have the same problem). Am running SS 6.5 on XP machine and both of my units are hardwired Cat 5e.

2007-09-21, 04:26
Mine started this behaviour recently - yesterday it was really bad so I forced a firmware update. It was fine after that but too soon to be sure it was the fix.

2007-09-21, 08:28
hi guys!

i had (sometimes still have) this problem too. in my case it turned out to be a severely resource-starved computer running slimserver. especially if it had to start swapping virtual memory to- and from disk, i could sometimes wait for 20-30 sec.(!) for it to respond to the remote control.

this was proven to me when i went from wireless to wired and the effects were unchanged.

it was a PIII, 700 MHz, 256 MB RAM, running windows and lots of other stuff too. after i upgraded RAM to 1GB and responsiveness increased DRAMATICALLY.

today, my SB3s only respond sluggishly if i give slimserver lots of work to do, i.e. add large shuffled playlists (>500 tracks) and/or it is performing its weekly virus-scan.

since the RAM-upgrade i am 1000% happier with my SBs!