View Full Version : Artist ABC is read as "B, C & A"

2007-09-17, 05:56
...in most of the cases.

So when my music's Artist field is tagged "Nirvana", this gives "i & A & r & v & n" (or the same with commas instead of ampersands in the left pane).

I just asked slimserver to rebuild the database. If symptoms persist, I'll post a screenshot to make myself clearer.

My music collection is mostly in the Musepack format (APEv2 tags), FWIW.

Thanks for any clue on this.

2007-09-17, 11:11
OK, rebuilding the database didn't make it. Here's a screenshot so that you can see what's happening:

2007-09-20, 09:32
Gosh, this thread is so crowded, I wonder if my voice will be heard... ;)

OK, I found the solution, I'll write it here for the record:

There's a server option to specify separators for fields with multiple items (Server settings > Behaviour > Multiple elements in tags).

In my case, I separate genres in the "genre" field with " / " (eg: "Soul / Funk / Jazz"), so in this option I entered " / " (without the quotes). One must not enter spaces there, that's what messed my database. After entering "/" only, and rebuilding the database from scratch (not updating), all went back to normal.