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2007-09-16, 10:24
I'm connected to my SB via a linksys wireless router which has been working great. One thing I love, by my wife hates, is that after powering down the box the SS is running on, the SB continues to play. I think this is a nice feature in that in the morning, I'm still connected the Internet Radio station I was previously connected to and all I have to do is power up the SB and away we go.

However, having said this is there anyway short of powering down the router, to discontinue the stream?

2007-09-16, 11:21
"Stop" the SB (or turn it "off") before you stop SS.

If you forget to stop the stream first, you can reboot the SB (hold the Power button on the remote) to stop the stream. Or hold the Left button until you see the setup screen and choose Connect to SqueezeNetwork.

If you want more independence from SlimServer, you might look into tuning the Internet Radio station through SqueezeNetwork.