View Full Version : Secure Streaming from a Pocket PC Phone Anywhere!

2007-09-13, 18:25
Okay, so, I've been able to setup up secure streaming to my PocketPC phone from anywhere. Anyone want to know how???

Here goes:

1. Setup a Hamachi VPN network on your SlimServer machine. For information on how to use Hamachi VPN service, just search for Hamachi on the forums.
2. Download and install Hamachi on your Pocket PC phone. Yep, that's right, they just introduced a Pocket PC version, and it works great! Get it here: https://secure.logmein.com/labs.asp
3. Download and install GS Player on your Pocket PC phone. Get it here: http://www.freewareppc.com/multimedia/gsplayer.shtml
4. Ensure that you have Hamachi running on your SlimServer.
5. Run Hamachi on your Pocket PC phone, and join your existing network (from step 1).
6. Run GS Player and play URL http://<your SlimServer Hamachi IP>:9000/stream.mp3.
7. Open Internet Explorer on your Pocket PC phone, and enter URL http://<your SlimServer Hamachi IP>:9000/handheld.
8. Control what plays through Internet Explorer through the 'handheld' skin, and just hit play in GS Player. Voila - access to your entire music library from anywhere!

By the way, be aware of your cellular data plan. If you don't have unlimited data, this can get really expensive really quick!

Ross L
2007-09-14, 15:08
Very cool! Thank you for sharing.

You may also have the option of connecting via wifi rather than the cellular service, to avoid the data costs.

Would you mind sharing what device you used? How was the performance?

2007-09-14, 16:51
I have a brand new Tytn II Pocket PC phone from HTC running Windows Mobile 6. Regarding peroformance, I just tested it for a couple of minutes using 3G cellular data speeds, and it seemed to work just great. And yes, this should work just dandy over wifi as well - from any hotspot.