View Full Version : easiest way to create a playlist?

2007-09-13, 15:55
Title. Answer should be a sticky. :)

2007-09-14, 01:13
Select the songs using the web interface and save... simple!

It does however rely on you knowing exactly what you want to add.. it would be nice if there was a way to play (preview) a song before adding it to the playlist though. Otherwise you have to save the playlist, play the track, load the playlist, add the track, save the playlist... ugh

2007-09-14, 01:38
If you use the slimfx skin..
You can drag and drop in the web interface, I find this a huge improvement over the standard skin. The little up and down arrows in the std interface really annoy me!

I also use media monkey to build some playlists offline, then export to a .m3u file, ths way I can preview, re-organise etc. Slimserver is pretty picky about which playlist format it likes, but media monkey is free and it seems to enjoy its brand of playlist.

I've tried playing with Moose, which looks great, but I haven't really had enough time to get my head round it yet.

IMHO the implementation of playlist creation and management is the one weakness in the whole slimserver/squeezebox set up and I'm really hoping that the new Jive gismo will make this process much slicker. I'd buy a Jive remote on this premise alone.

2007-09-14, 07:08
How about writing a playlist myself and placing in the directory slim server is pointed to? IE coding my own playlist?

Do people do that? Rather than having to search out each song individual, I could copy/paste/manipulate an exported song list from iTunes and turn it into a playlist that slim server could understand.

In fact, that would be a nice little program... Hmm. Any coders free? :P

2007-09-14, 10:01
How about writing a playlist myself and placing in the directory slim server is pointed to? IE coding my own playlist?

A playlist in its simplest form is simply a list of music file names. If you create the playlist outside of SlimServer, you just have to remember that paths to these music files must be from the perspective of the SlimServer, or else it won't find them. If you run SlimServer on a dedicated server, that might mean creating the playist on your laptop or desktop machine using a program such as foobar or winamp, then editing the paths. It's still much easier than creating playlists in anything SlimServer has to offer.