View Full Version : Can I do this?

2007-09-13, 08:02
Last night I was controlling my SB2 from my laptop.
I was upstairs and my sb2 was downstairs.
After an 1 1/2 hours of building a nice playlist, I located another song that I wanted to add to the playlist and clicked on the PLAY NOW icon instead of the ADD to playlist icon. Naturally, this erase my entire playlist that I was building.

Is there away, via the web ui, that I can move songs from a playlist into the favorites area. Something like an 'Add to favorites' icon. Then later I would like to add the favorites to the playlist, one song at a time.

Is the above possible now?
If not, can the above be implemented in SS 7.0

I'm using SS 6.5.2 with the fishbone skin on a windows xp laptop and windows xp server.