View Full Version : Dual Boot Music Folder on C drive

2007-09-12, 18:53
I just installed slim server and I get it to work on windows perfectly. All my music is on my C drive in windows. Then I installed it in my linux OS. Works perfect, I can log in and detect the slimbox. However, when I add the music folder. It won't sort everything in Genre, Artist, Year, etc folders. One thing. When I actually GO to the music folder, I can see the files. then when i scroll through them, they'll appear sorted through the Genre, Artist, etc folders. Any way to make sure I don't have to scroll through all my files? Thanks.

-Edit- I just reinstalled the unstable version, and it won't find any of my music in the folder. it won't let me add the folder /media/hda1/Music but it will let me add /media/hda1/ which doesn't help since it's further in the Music directory.