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2007-09-11, 15:25
I have read the many threads regarding internet radio. When I have been able to get the station urls, I have been able to paste them into slimserver and all is well. I also get the live365 and other radiotime stations through squeezenetwork...no problem...

What I don't understand is when the URL is not available..what do you do? For example, I went to radiotime and selected 950 KJR.am and listened to the stream on my PC where slimserver is installed. I have realplayer installed also.

When I look at the SB3, it states that the station is not supported. There have been trreads on how to transcode the realplayer stream into slimserver...I think.. Like I said, this part I do not understand.

2007-09-11, 23:42
You may want something like Shoutcast, which can broadcast the audio in mp3. You can then point the SB at the broadcast stream

2007-09-13, 07:52

KJR currently transmits using a protected Windows stream; it requires a browser and a US IP address.

We are working with several of the large broadcasting groups to offer direct streams for devices like the Squeezebox. Hopefully we'll see these become available in the next month.

RadioTime Technology Group

2007-09-14, 12:08
I have not tried it myself, but perhaps a product like URL sniffer (available by free download) can give you the direct link you require; then manually add it to streams in the SN web browser.